aurora borealis calendar

2020 Aurora Borealis Calendar


The aurora borealis, or northern lights, is easily explained by science, but inspires a sense of magic and mystery. Celebrate this nocturnal magic with our sixth edition of the calendar featuring various locations throughout Alaska, and one image captured in Iceland.

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Aurora Borealis Calendar by Carl Johnson

I saw the northern lights on a few occasions during my time in Grand Marais and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota. But I never came to appreciate them until I moved to Alaska. As a result, the aurora has become a bit of an obsession. The skies become dark enough in the Anchorage area in early August to start photographing the northern lights, and I keep shooting them until the nights get too bright in mid-May. Over the years, I have photographed the aurora borealis in Alaska from Kaktovik to Juneau, Kotzebue to Katmai. I have also explored the night sky in Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Each year, the calendar includes images mostly from Alaska, but includes images from other Arctic countries as well. From dancing curtains to pillars to pulsating aurora to STEVE, I try to include a broad variety of types of aurora and its many colors in each year’s calendar. It is my pleasure to stay up late many nights so I can share this wonder with you through my aurora borealis calendar! If you want to see more aurora images, check out the Aurora Borealis gallery on the website.

If you want to learn how to photograph the northern lights and are visiting the Anchorage area, I lead a northern lights photo tour through my company Alaska Photo Treks. With the Anchorage Aurora Quest, we explore Southcentral Alaska in search of the dancing lights. We provide personal instruction on aurora borealis photography and other nighttime techniques, and take complimentary pictures of you with the aurora as well. The diversity of landscapes near Anchorage, from mountains and streams to coastal areas, makes the Southcentral area a fantastic location to capture diverse and stunning images of the northern lights. It has helped me provide a diverse selection in the aurora borealis calendar. The Anchorage area also enjoys about a month longer aurora viewing season than Fairbanks, so make Anchorage part of your Alaska aurora vacation!