A group of sandhill cranes pass by the Denali summit and lenticular clouds on their way south in autumn. As I stated in my submission...

Heading South

A group of sandhill cranes pass by the Denali summit and lenticular clouds on their way south in autumn.

As I stated in my submission for the 2024 NANPA Showcase, "A flock of Sandhill cranes head south as a thick lenticular cloud hovers over the summit of Denali. This is one of my favorite aspects of visiting the park in the autumn. To be out hiking on the tundra and hear the calls of Sandhill cranes as they pass overhead on their way south is peaceful, elating and part of how I can really feel autumn in my bones."

First Runner Up, Scapes category, 2024 NANPA Showcase Photo © copyright by Carl Johnson.

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Heading South print

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