Once in a while, when there is a good aurora forecast but the  likelihood of clouds near Anchorage, I will hit the road early...

Cantwell Glow

Broad Pass, Parks Highway, Alaska

Once in a while, when there is a good aurora forecast but the likelihood of clouds near Anchorage, I will hit the road early to drive north to an area referred to as Broad Pass on the Parks Highway south of Cantwell, Alaska. It is about a 3.5 hour drive. That makes for a long night of aurora chasing, but, it is usually worth it. On this night, the aurora did not disappoint. Donning my snow shoes, I headed out into deep, soft snow to find various compositions amidst some spruce trees and willow bushes.

In this scene, the small glow of the town of Cantwell can be seen in the distance. It is minimized by the brightness of the aurora, filling the sky and adding a green glow to the soft snow on the landscape.

Photo © copyright by Carl Johnson.

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Cantwell Glow print

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Cantwell Glow print

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Cantwell Glow print

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