Arctic Light Gallery

About the Gallery

Our gallery is located at Carl and Michelle’s home on the Anchorage hillside, amidst 1 1/4 acres that includes a perennial garden, rose garden, peony garden, vegetable garden, wild habitat and expansive views of the Cook Inlet and Aleutian Range. Carl has photographed amazing sunsets and aurora borealis on the grounds, as well as wildlife including black bear, lynx, ermine, moose, great horned owl and snowshoe hare.

The gallery reflects a mixture of rustic and contemporary elements, encompassing 330 square feet of space.

As the only fine art nature photo gallery in the city of Anchorage, Carl wanted to create a gallery that reflected the semi-wild nature of the property where it is located and the natural elements of the world he celebrates with his photography.

“Why have a home-based gallery?”, you may ask. Avoiding downtown commercial leasing rates, or the 50% commissions charged by downtown galleries, allows us to offer prints at considerably lower rates.

The Experience

The Arctic Light gallery is not just another shop to visit among others, it is a destination. Because of that, we wanted to make it an experience. Our gallery features a sitting area where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or homemade lemonade while you relax and enjoy the prints, browse a book or calendar, and have the opportunity to chat with the artist.

If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, a 49″ television provides you access to a selected digital library of images available for you to order. And even if you don’t see it then, ask. We may have it in Carl’s extensive digital library in his office.

While you are visiting, feel free to stroll the property, enjoy the gardens, have a hot drink out by our outdoor fire pit, or have a seat in our swinging wooden bench to enjoy the view.

Arranging a Visit

The Arctic Light Gallery is an appointment-only gallery, with appointments available during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Contact Carl at 907-748-7040 at least one day in advance to arrange an appointment. But, if you are just visiting Anchorage and have a short window of opportunity, we are able to accommodate same-day appointments.

Why appointment-only? Our gallery is a bit out-of-the way, and we wouldn’t want you to come all the way up here and not find anyone at the gallery. Plus, as noted, we want to make your visit an experience. So, we want to be ready for you when you arrive.

When you drive up to the property, you will see our Jimmy Hitchcock-crafted log home and matching outbuilding where the gallery is located. When you make your appointment, Carl will provide you the directions you need to find the gallery and start your experience. If you are confident in your navigation skills, the address is 17800 Steamboat Drive (easy to find on Google Maps).

Just keep in mind on the way up to watch out for wildlife. We have seen black bear, moose, porcupine, coyote, lynx, and snowshoe hare either crossing or alongside the road in our neighborhood.

Make sure to read our COVID-19 Operational Procedures prior to your visit.

Note: The property where the gallery is located is zoned as a R6, Class B area under the Anchorage Municipal Code. The gallery operates in accordance with AMC 21.05.070(D)(10).