When Jim Brandenburg started a 90-day project to take only one photo a day from the fall equinox to winter solstice, he had not idea it would eventually become Chased by the Light and such a powerful collection. Long-term photography projects are crucial to growth as an artist. They give focus, direction, and provide opportunities to explore creatively. They also tend to take on a life of their own, taking the artist in new directions that could not be anticipated. 

Arctic Light and Life

Beginning with an artist residency in Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, Alaska in 2007, Carl has developed a fascination for the Arctic. Learn about his goal to photograph the diverse landscapes and cultures of the entire circumpolar Arctic, a project that will take well over a decade to complete. Learn more about this project. 

Where Water is Gold

Carl did fieldwork for five years in all seasons to document the landscape and way of life in the Bristol Bay region, resulting in the award-winning book, Where Water is Gold. Learn about this project and his ongoing efforts to support the region and protect it from large scale hard rock mining. Learn more about this project.