Blog (Commentary)

All Creatures Great and Small
May 10, 2021

I am sitting on a rock, with the tripod set so that the camera is at eye-height, remaining motionless as I watch and wait. I saw him scurrying around just a few minutes ago, so I am hoping that by sitting still long enough he will come out to forage again...

Photographing in the
April 30, 2021

There comes a time when we transition from winter to spring. In the time between the last snow melting and the trees starting to bud, things can be brown. Trash starts to show after a winter of hiding under the snow, decorating highway medians and lake shores...

Reflections on Earth Day
April 22, 2021

Astronaut photograph AS17-148-22727, the first "Blue Marble" photo, taken on December 7, 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission. Courtesy of the NASA Johnson Space Center (public domain)

I was born into the environmental equivalent of a horror movie, at that time when you realize that there is a threat but you don't know what to do about it...

Why I Love Winters in Alaska
January 24, 2021

I see on the news and social media a general hysteria about winter temperatures and conditions in the Lower 48, and I chuckle to myself a bit. We have more often than not had unusually warm winters in Alaska as of late...

Developing the Gallery
January 17, 2021

Along time ago, in a career far, far away, I had a small gallery downtown. It was at a time when I was doing any kind of photography work that would pay – commercial, portraits, weddings, sports, events...

Why Wilderness is Important to Me as an Artist
April 22, 2020

In his book, The Singing Wilderness, Sigurd Olson said:  Simplicity in all things is the secret of the wilderness and one of its most valuable lessons. It is what we leave behind that is important...

National Parks Help Shape Our Personal Stories
April 20, 2020

During this National Parks Week, I wanted to take time and think of how our National Park System has influenced my life over the years. This is something we should all do from time to time, because it is likely we can all find a thread that the parks have woven through our personal fabric over the years...