Photo Workshops

all-inclusive, multi-day excursions



2018 Workshops

Polar Bears and Aurora

September 16-20

5 participants, $7,450.00, all-inclusive

Your base camp for this Alaska wildlife photography workshop in the Inupiat Village of Kaktovik on Barter Island puts you close to the rich habitat of the polar bear and at the edge of the Arctic Ocean. The barrier island terrain and coastal zone provide a sublimely serene setting for this photo excursion. We will spend 24 hours in boats over four days to photograph polar bears in their coastal habitat, plus provide an additional nighttime excursion to chase the aurora borealis!

Brooks Range Aurora and Winter Landscapes

October 3-8

8 participants, $2,950.00, all-inclusive

This workshop includes one night in Fairbanks, and four nights based in Wiseman at the Boreal Lodge, in the heart of the Brooks Range and the aurora oval. Be prepared for some late nights as we explore the night sky and the wonders of the aurora. This early in the season there will be snow, but it will not be too cold yet. Join us for this adventure in the Alaskan Arctic!