Aurora Photo Tour

There are many locations near Anchorage that provide a great northern lights viewing experience. (No, Fairbanks is not the only place in Alaska to see the aurora borealis!) If you are planning an Alaska trip and want to learn aurora photography, contact Carl to set up your tour. We plan and execute an aurora tour to meet your visual needs. We also give the level of instruction you need to reach your goals of capturing the amazing aurora borealis.

This photo tour is for one night of aurora borealis chasing and photography. We drive to a variety of locations within a 1-2 hour drive of Anchorage. The tour includes hot beverages, snacks, a camping chair for your use, and a minimum of four hours on location. If the lights are good, we stay out longer. If possible, reserve for more than one night to adjust to weather and aurora activity. No matter what, we will make sure you get good use of your nighttime photo instruction.

We may be outside for extended periods of time in the cold, so dress in layers to keep warm. And bring a headlamp because it can be hard to see your camera in the darkness.

We cannot guarantee sighting of the aurora borealis. We rely on forecasts and real time data and related modeling to identify times or dates when the aurora is likely to be out, but, as it is a natural phenomenon, so we cannot promise its appearance.

Group discounts are available when booking more than one person during registration. Contact us for details!

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Aurora Photo Tour


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