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A Decade of Discovery

For the past several years, I have conducted a year-in-review of my photography. Now, I take a look back at a decade. It was, as the title says, a decade of discovery. But it was, for me as an artist, a decade of growth. I saw many firsts in my career, and in my experiences…

The Elusive Ermine

Our home on the Anchorage hillside is just about as wild as you can get while still being only a ten-minute drive from the nearest grocery store (the Huffman Carrs). Zoned in what is called an R-6 area, properties are required to have a minimum lot size of an acre. Ours is 1 1/4 acres….

All Creatures Great and Small

People have asked me how it is that I photograph something as massive as a polar bear but also as miniscule as a collared pika. In this post I discuss a bit about why that is and what it takes to cover a broad range of wildlife as a photographer.

Popular, But Unethical Wildlife Photography

A young Finnish photographer named Konsta Punkka, self-proclaimed to be the “Squirrel Whisperer,” has been in the news a bit lately, celebrated for his stunning up close images of wildlife. Regardless of his striking images, he should not be celebrated, he should be condemned. And he’s not the only one.

Among the Caribou in the Wilderness

In 2007, I had the pleasure of serving as the Artist-in-Residence for Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, Alaska. For the first part of my trip, I chose to base camp in an area that was part of the migratory route of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd. This blog tells the story of what I found.

Agony and Slapstick in Kukak

As our group was gathering at the main lodge to head out for the morning, we heard the call come in from a radio in the kitchen: there was a sow and spring cubs out on a rocky point near where our boats waited for us to board. I recognized the voice of Perry, the manager and our host here at the Katmai Wilderness Lodge in Kukak Bay of Katmai National Park and Preserve.