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Best of 2018

It’s that time of year for photographers to explore their top images from 2018. One approach, the Instagram approach, is to pick the nine images that received the most likes in a year. Why nine you ask? Well, with the Instagram square format, nine square images create a nice square mosaic. Rather than presenting what…

The Elusive Ermine

Our home on the Anchorage hillside is just about as wild as you can get while still being only a ten-minute drive from the nearest grocery store (the Huffman Carrs). Zoned in what is called an R-6 area, properties are required to have a minimum lot size of an acre. Ours is 1 1/4 acres….

Top Ten Mistakes

Photographers tend to celebrate their successes, sharing their best images and best stories with the public. But at some point in their careers, they make mistakes. I thought it might be useful to share some of my own and a bit of what I have learned.

Getting Ready for the Road

Photographers often share techniques and locations, or sometimes they don’t, as part of demystifying certain aspects of photography as an art or a business. But quite often, that is teaching the theory without teaching the practical. I thought it would be useful to share some of the things that I do just to get ready for a trip.

The Long Road to Photography

With the ever-expanding Marvel universe, we are all familiar with Origin Stories. They help us to understand the hero’s motivation, desires, weakness, and, in Deadpool’s case, fetishes. The same can be true for artists. Who we are, where we came from, what drove us down this insane path often wields information about what inspires us, how we do things. So this is my origin story, and a bit on why I do what I do as an artist.

A Farewell to Kobuk

We don’t have any human children, so our family consists of children in the feline variety. Amidst the various losses we have had in our human family recently, we had to add to that sadness when we recently had to say goodbye to one of our kitties, Kobuk.

A Flash of Silver

It turns out that spring is book awards season. Not long after learning about my Gold Medal in the IPPYs, I learned some great news from the folks over at the Nautilus Book Awards.

Gold Medal!

Less than a year after publication, “Where Water is Gold” has earned its first award. Read here to learn more!

Up to Chasm Lake

In 2009, I was an Artist-in-Residence at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The planned finale of my trip was an overnight hike and stay at Chasm Lake to capture star trails and a timelapse that would span the time from sunset to sunrise. This blog post tells the story of that part of my residency.

Our National Parks Help Create Our Personal Stories

If you grew up in the United States, most likely a national park was part of that upbringing. During National Parks Week in 2016, and to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our parks, I contemplate how our parks shaped my own personal story.