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A Decade of Discovery

For the past several years, I have conducted a year-in-review of my photography. Now, I take a look back at a decade. It was, as the title says, a decade of discovery. But it was, for me as an artist, a decade of growth. I saw many firsts in my career, and in my experiences…

​EPA Should Stand its Ground and Protect the World’s Greatest Salmon Runs

The Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska produces nearly half of all the world’s Sockeye salmon supply, supporting 14,000 jobs and a $1.5 billion annual industry. It is also the cultural, spiritual and nutritional heart of the 8,000 residents of the region. It is also the home to a massive copper and gold deposit, which could someday boast the largest open pit mine in North America – at the headwaters of the most productive salmon streams in the region. In 2014, the EPA determined that it would impose severe restrictions on any mine, if built, in order to protect the valuable habitat. But on July 11, 2017, the new EPA took the first step to rescind those protections. Read more to learn the full story and what you can do to speak up for this incredible ecosystem.

Why Wilderness is Important to Me as an Artist

So many artists, so many media, so many points of inspiration. For me, as a nature photographer, my key inspiration is wilderness. Here is a little glimpse as to why.

Arts and the Parks – Celebrating 100 Years

A hundred years ago, as our national leaders were struggling to get the public behind the notion of setting aside large tracts of land to protect them from exploitation and development, artists stepped forward to help to capture the land and our imagination. Now, as we celebrate 100 years of the National Park Service, it is the parks that are helping artists to grow.

Our National Parks Help Create Our Personal Stories

If you grew up in the United States, most likely a national park was part of that upbringing. During National Parks Week in 2016, and to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our parks, I contemplate how our parks shaped my own personal story.

A New Way of Looking at Nature Photography

We are often told that nature photography is limited to landscapes, plant life and animals in their natural environment. But aren’t we part of that environment, too? Time to rethink what the words “nature photography” mean.

Court Delivers Double-Whammy Over Pebble

Today, the Alaska Supreme Court issued two decisions that will have far-reaching impacts about how the Department of Natural Resources conducts business in hard rock mineral exploration, and the ability of the State and others to chill opposition. While the two cases involved the Pebble Prospect exploration, neither will impact the development of that mine.