Monthly Archives: May 2017

An Alaskan’s Destination: the Sheldon Mountain House

For people around the world, Alaska is on their bucket list for travel destinations. But what’s on the bucket list for Alaskans? If you ask around, one name might come up time and again – the Sheldon Mountain House. Well, after years of dreaming to go there, this Alaskan finally knocked that destination off his list.

Learning to See Light

Digital photography today seems focused on speed, size, technical gimmickry, and everything but the science behind capturing an image. The explosion of the digital industry, along with the proliferation of social media, has driven this tendency to leave behind the fundamentals of photography in favor of just capturing images. With this blog post, I explore the most fundamental thing anyone needs to know in order to create good images – how to see light.

A Flash of Silver

It turns out that spring is book awards season. Not long after learning about my Gold Medal in the IPPYs, I learned some great news from the folks over at the Nautilus Book Awards.