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Sat May 20 2017
Digital photography today seems focused on speed, size, technical gimmickry, and everything but the science behind capturing an image. The explosion of the digital industry, along with the proliferation of social media, has driven this tendency to leave behind the fundamentals of photography in favor of just capturing images. With this blog post, I explore the most fundamental thing anyone needs to know in order to create good images - how to see light.
Sat May 20 2017
For people around the world, Alaska is on their bucket list for travel destinations. But what’s on the bucket list for Alaskans? If you ask around, one name might come up time and again – the Sheldon Mountain House. Well, after years of dreaming to go there, this Alaskan finally knocked that destination off his list.
Wed May 03 2017
It turns out that spring is book awards season. Not long after learning about my Gold Medal in the IPPYs, I learned some great news from the folks over at the Nautlus Book Awards.
Tue Apr 25 2017
There has been a lot of talk in recent days about an aurora-related phenomenon called "Steve." I have photographed Steve several times over the years. I just didn't know his name.
Tue Apr 18 2017
Less than a year after publication, "Where Water is Gold" has earned its first award. Read here to learn more!
Sun Feb 19 2017
During our first trip to Iceland in the summer, we were frequently faced with a feeling of familiarity to our home in Alaska. One of the things that stood out the most was the species of wildflowers present about the landscape.
Mon Jan 23 2017
New England is often heralded as THE go-to destination for fall colors road trips. But Alaska has aspects of its fall colors that you can't find in New England, like a seven-week-long fall colors season or entire alpine slopes of mountains turning hues of gold, orange and red. Read more to learn about the ultimate fall color road trip opportunity that awaits in Alaska!
Wed Jan 18 2017
Quite frequently, we see articles or statements on social media that suggest that the use of Photoshop is cheating. These statements reflect a deep misunderstanding and ignorance of the creative process in photography. The origins of how and why we use Photoshop can be traced back to Ansel Adams.
Mon Jan 16 2017
While our national parks were set aside for the enjoyment of everyone, from the rich to the working class, increasingly it is becoming hard to enjoy our parks amidst the crowds. That's why winter is such a good time to visit our national parks, especially if you are a photographer.
Mon Jan 02 2017
So many artists, so many media, so many points of inspiration. For me, as a nature photographer, my key inspiration is wilderness. Here is a little glimpse as to why.