Arctic Light seeks to celebrate a legacy of examining the dynamic quality of light in remote, wild locations. Launched in 2015 by Carl Johnson, an award-winning landscape and nature photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska, we invite you to explore with us some of the farthest corners of this earth through our many galleries and upcoming events and workshops. Please continue scrolling below for a quick tour or navigate the menu above for direct access throughout this website.


We offer personalized day tours geared toward the traveler who has some extra time in the Anchorage area and is looking for an activity to fill the day, or part of the day. There are four different open tours initially offered in this category at different times of the year.

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Polar Bears and Aurora

September 16-20, 2018

Brooks Range Aurora and Winter Landscapes

October 3-8, 2018

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Aurora Borealis | Turnagain Arm Landscapes
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Multi-day excursions offered by Arctic Light incorporate elements of classroom and/or field instruction. These workshops are offered year-round and oriented to provide instruction on a variety of subjects and techniques. Focus of each will vary per location.

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A tour is generally a location photo opportunity where a professional photographer guides you to ensure you capture the best images at the right time of day for each location, while providing some limited in-field instruction. Tours are generally geared toward the intermediate and advanced photographic consumer. A workshop combines the location photography elements with comprehensive classroom instruction and field assignments to practice particular skills and techniques. Workshops are thus geared more toward the beginning to intermediate photographic consumer.

Carl’s award-winning book about the Bristol Bay region captures five years spent in the field. This comprehensive photo-essay book explores the science, culture and history of the region. It examines the way of life in the region as reflected in commercial fishing, subsistence, and recreational activities. The Bristol Bay region stands out as a land of natural riches, abundance and culture unparalleled in the United States. Click above to learn more about this and other projects on the horizon.


We provide a new Aurora Borealis Calendar every year, so watch in the fall for the announcement of that calendar’s availability and any new calendars that we produce.

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Join photographer Carl Johnson throughout his various adventures and gain a first-hand perspective of his photography. Interactions with various cultures and locations, the perils of the rugged outdoors, chance encounters with magnificent wildlife, and much more.

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